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President's Trophy - 17/09/2023Chairman's Tournament - 17/09/2023Chairman's Awards Evening at Guards Polo Club - 16/09/2023President's Trophy - 15/09/2023Chairman's Tournament - 15/09/2023President's Trophy - 13/09/2023Major General's Tournament - 10/09/2023.Autumn Nations Cup - 10/09/2023.President's Trophy - 09/09/2023Autumn Nations Cup - 08/09/2023.Flemish Farm Trophy - 03/09/2023.Autumn Nations Cup - 02/09/2023.Flemish Farm Trophy - 02/09/2023.Flemish Farm Trophy - 30/08/2023.Autumn Nations Cup - 30/08/2023.Duke of Cornwall Trophy - 27/08/2023.Flemish Farm Trophy - 27/08/2023.Duke of Wellington Trophy - 20/08/2023.Cottington Cup - 19/08/2023.Prince of Wales Championship - 13/08/2023.Town & County Championship - 13/08/2023.Social Cup - 30/07/2023.Gold Cup for the British Open final - 23/07/2023.Indian Empire Shield - 22/07/2023.Gold Cup for the British Open semi finals - 19/07/2023.Phoenician Cup - 16/07/2023.Access Bank Day - 15/07/2023.Inter Regimental - 09/07/2023.Coworth Park Challenge - 09/07/2023.Out-Sourcing Inc Royal Charity Polo Cup - 06/07/2023.Archie David Cup - 02/07/2023.Royal Windsor Cup - 25/06/2023.Power of Polo - 23/06/2023.Royal Windsor Cup - 23/06/2023.Archie David Cup - 22/06/2023.Cartier Queen's Cup - 18/06/2023.Royal Windsor Cup - 16/06/2023.Cartier Queen's Cup - 14/06/2023.Royal Windsor Cup - 12/06/2023.Duke of Sutherland Cup - 11/06/2023.Bryan Bethell Cup - 11/06/2023.Varsity Day - 10/06/2023.Cartier Queen's Cup - 10/06/2023.Royal Windsor Cup - 09/06/2023.Cartier Queen's Cup - 07/06/2023.Royal Windsor Cup - 06/06/2023.Cartier Queen's Cup - 06/06/2023.Dollar Cup - 04/06/2023.Cartier Queen's Cup - 29/05/2023.Committee Cup - 29/05/2023.Barrett Cup - 21/05/2023.Prince of Wales Trophy - 20/05/2023.Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother's Centenary Trophy - 19/05/2023.Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother's Centenary Trophy - 17/05/2023.Prince of Wales Trophy - 16/05/2023.Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother's Centenary Trophy - 16/05/2023.Committee Cup - 16/05/2023.Spring Tournament - 14/05/2023.Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother's Centenary Trophy - 14/05/2023.Spring Tournament - 13/05/2023.Valerie Halford Memorial Trophy - 13/05/2023.Royal Windsor Horse Show - Polo Pony Class - 12/05/2023.Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother's Centenary Trophy - 10/05/2023.Spring Tournament - 10/05/2023.Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother's Centenary Trophy - 08/05/2023.Spring Tournament - 08/05/2023.Tyro Cup - 03/05/2023.Spring Amateur Tournament - 23/04/2023.St Moritz Snow Polo World Cup  - Day 3 - Finals - 29/01/2023.St Moritz Snow Polo World Cup  - Day 2 - Gala Evening - 28/01/2023.St Moritz Snow Polo World Cup  - Day 2 - 28/01/2023.St Moritz Snow Polo World Cup  - Day 1 - 27/01/2023.St Moritz Snow Polo World Cup  - Practices and Players Presentation - 26/01/2023.Inspired Arena Polo Test Match and SUPA International - 21/01/2023.Inspired Arena Polo Masters - 08/01/2023.Limited Edition Fine Art Aluminium PrintsA selection of our favourite images of 2022Christmas Lunch and Windsor Park Illuminated Trail - 11/12/2022.Macmillan Coffee Morning at Guards Polo Club - 05/10/2022.Autumn Cup - 18/09/2022.Farewell Cup - 18/09/2022.Dog Show at Cowdray Park Polo Club - 18/09/2022.Autumn Cup - 14/09/2022.Major General's Tournament finals - 04/09/2022.