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Farewell Cup - 18/09/2022.Autumn Cup 2022.Major General's Tournament finals - 04/09/2022.Flemish Farm Trophy 2022.Duke of Cornwall's Trophy - 28/08/2022.Clé de Peau Beauté Guards Ladies Charity Tournament 2022.Cottington Cup 2022.Talacrest Prince of Wales's Championship Cup 2022.Town & County Championship finals - 07/08/2022.Duke of Wellington Trophy 2022.Crawford Cup 2022.Social Cup - 24/07/2022.International Day - 23/07/2022.Access Bank Day - 16/07/2022.Gold Cup for the British Open 2022.Indian Empire Shield - 16/07/2022.Inter Regimental - 10/07/2022.Phoenician Cup finals - 10/07/2022.Roberts Cup finals - 10/07/2022.Coworth Park Challenge finals - 03/07/2022.Archie David finals - 26/06/2022.Out-Sourcing Inc Royal Windsor Cup 2022.Guards Youth Tournament - 18/06/2022.Cartier Queen's Cup 2022.Varsity Day - 04/06/2022.Labrador Trophy - 29/05/2022.Committee Cup - 22/05/2022.Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother's Centenary Trophy 2022.The Prince of Wales Trophy - 14/05/2022.Spring Tournament 2022.Valerie Halford Memorial Trophy 2022.Spring Amateur Tournament 2022.