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A third successive league match victory for the Cartier team secured them a place in the final of the Cartier International Dubai Polo Challenge 2012. They defeated Julius Baer (received half a goal on handicap) 7-4.5 on The Clubhouse Ground at Desert Palm. However the Cartier team left it until the last chukka to ensure their place, but then scoring three goals in almost as many minutes. Julius Baer put up a strong fight throughout the match, especially from joint patron, Amr Zedan. He scored two goals in two chukkas, which helped to keep the blue shirts’ hopes alive. Unfortunately for them though, Juan Jose Brane and Francisco Elizalde were determined to see Cartier in Friday’s final and so pulled out all the stops when it mattered, in the final minutes of the game.

The second game was an equally exciting affair with the lead switching between Desert Palm and the CNN team, who also received half a goal on handicap. CNN had the lead in the first half – thanks to their half-goal advantage and some strong play from all the team. Both Hissam Ali Hyder and Vieri Antinori were in great form for CNN and it did look as if the white shirts were about to cause a major upset in this competition by knocking out the current holders of the trophy. The second half saw Desert Palm turn up the heat though, scoring four goals to only one in return for CNN. This dominance gave them a 7-4.5 win and the second final ticket.
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