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Created 14-Apr-16
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Pablo Schaer
Skilled and experienced Architect Pablo Schaer, worked internationally for over two decades, connecting and merging people, technical solutions and businesses for the development of enterprises around the world, many of them related to sport of kings from different approaches, from prime luxury residential and hospitality developments, to studs, vet-facilities and breeding embryo transfer centres.

Well known in the polo circles, some of the most prominent families in the international circuit have selected Pablo’s architectural practice, to design renowned projects like Ellerstina’s Pueblo Polo, the Hanbury’s Lovelocks Polo Stud in Argentina, HRM Sultan of Johor facilities in Argentina, Tan Sri Arumugam Paquirri at Las Leñas. Some others like La Aguada, Socas Family and Mr. Gutierrez Guido-Spano for the AAP, pointed Pablo as consultant, based not only in his experience in the equestrian industry but also in multi-disciplinary and intercultural teams leadership and management within the Americas, Europe and Asia. Along his career, also services Prime Corporations like Zurich Financial Services, Oracle, ING Bank, Swiss Financial & Property, Barceló Group, Manpower, Fortune Intl, Falabella, ANJA GmbH., US Equities Realty, Siemens, Northrop-Grumman, Nat Geo, Barceló Group, Havas Media, HSBC, Exxon Mobile, Chevron-Texaco, Telecom, Werthein Group.

Committed, Pablo is also an active member of the “Familia Cristiana del Polo” movement, the organization that since the 90s coordinates efforts to keep the “polo family” together and support eight non-governmental organizations (NGOs), chosen each year by the teams participating in the Argentine Open.
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