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Manuel Guevara started out on the family farm in the beautiful town of San Antonio de Areco, Argentina, getting up bright and early and going out, with his brothers Juan Cruz and Facundo, to wrangle the herd of cattle.

The boys swapped the family's dairy cow for horses and started a piggy bank, where they put all their change into, until they bought their first polo sticks. Manuel would get up early and do his own horses before heading off to school in the morning. Together with Juan Cruz and Facundo, they formed the first team from Areco to take part in the Inter Colegial Tournament.

Manuel’s first years in England were spent in Cheshire where he groomed and played, later coming down south to spend a season with John Horswell. He then spent a few years playing back in Argentina and forming his Centro de Doma, breaking and schooling horses, until his return, in 2012, to England where he plays at Guards Polo Club.

His fondest memory in polo is the privilege of playing on the illustrious Ground 1 of Palermo, aware of all the history and the great names who have graced that hallowed grass, winning the final of the prestigious Copa Estimulo alongside Max Charlton.
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