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Quarter finals Day 1
- UAE Polo 11 vs El Remanso 8
- Enigma 16 vs Lucchese 15
07_06_14_A  001307_06_14_A  002107_06_14_A  002607_06_14_A  003607_06_14_A  004307_06_14_A  004407_06_14_A  004707_06_14_A  005207_06_14_A  005607_06_14_A  005707_06_14_A  006607_06_14_A  007207_06_14_A  008107_06_14_A  008907_06_14_A  009307_06_14_A  0094IMG_1129IMG_1130IMG_113107_06_14_A  0108

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