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Tomas Palacios
Tomas started stick and balling at home when he was young in Magdala Peguajo but it wasn’t until he was 20 that he was taken under the wing of José Antonio Iturrate and became fully immersed in polo. He started from the bottom, as do many in polo, working as a groom in the USA in 2001 and then on to the UK where he worked his way up.

Polo has enabled him to see many countries including USA, New Zealand, South Africa, Italy, Paraguay, Chile, Uruguay and England.

His greatest moment was winning the Chilean Open (24 goals) with Terre (Guillermo Terrera) Dorinack and Villela en 2013. He is currently playing for Elio Leoni Sceti’s Il Sole team in the Uk, where he spends most of the year.
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