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The title sponsor’s team continued their winning run at Desert Palm today, defeating CNN (received half a goal on handicap) 8-5.5. This was Cartier’s second match in the four-day Cartier International Dubai Polo Challenge 2012 and their winning form looks certain to earn them a place in Friday’s final. CNN struggled to get into the game in the first two chukkas, which were played on the Hotel Ground at Ali Albwardy’s Desert Palm and were trailing 7-2 by half time. However the white shirts rallied in the second half, closing the gap to 7-4 in the third. Despite some strong play from Hissam Ali Hyder, CNN were unable to close the gap before the umpires – Oliver Ellis and Howard Hipwood – blew the final whistle.

The first game of the day was a contest between the two losing teams from the previous day’s competition – Desert Palm and Julius Baer (received half a goal on handicap). Desert Palm, who must still be favourites to win this competition as they have dominated in the previous two years, did not disappoint their many fans watching the game from the Desert Palm Resort terrace. The home side was 5-2 up at half-time and went on to win the match 10-5.5. Julius Baer battled hard throughout the four chukkas but the Alfredo Capella/Martin Valent partnership proved insurmountable.
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